More about Atul Kumar


Hello readers!

It was my delight that you want to know more about myself.

Atul Kumar a person who fly in the sky alone like a bird, many character passes by my sides but never can direct my path and journey.

I’m a free thinker as well as a deep thinker sometime, as the education is endless and internet is limitless, want to explore both of them to its limit specially in the field of technology, just want to rule the world in the field of technology.

Personally I am an extroverted introvert, the most loved one questioned me many times especially the teachers that teaches me says something like that “that much only you speak at home” and this question makes me smile, I speak less that I know but indulging in unnecessary or uneconomical talk don’t attract me, I see myself as person who is still growing and expanding myself with a new thoughts every day, I love and respect the way I am and very grateful to the wonderful people in my life. I enjoy the moment of solely, my most ravishing environment for me is cool and calm, I love mild music, different and unique voices attracts me, on the other hand I am a big Enrique fan.

I do love sketching in my spare time, don’t like too much sweet in food but do love to be surrounded by sweet people, my ideal in life are many but I’ll mention one of them who respect the creativity, hard work and always has a desire to do something different Steve jobs.

Some quotes that I will love to share: –

  • “Character is built not born.”
  • “The two important days in your life -The day on which you are born and the day you find it why.”
  • “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
  • “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
  • “Never lose faith in yourself.”

 If you want smile and joy in your life, do share your smile and joy with others. Keep smiling!

Do share your words by commenting below.       

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